We seek short fictions, essays and poems that have some relationship to the Great Lakes region. The work should be set here or written by writers living in the region.

If accepted, the piece will be published on our website,, and be considered for our “best-of” print issue at the end of the year. Not all work chosen for the web will appear in the print edition.

We purchase first North American serial rights and non-exclusive electronic rights for our website. All other rights are retained by the author.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask to be informed immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Do not send multiple submissions–please wait for our response before sending another.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment. If you are chosen for the print edition, you will receive a free issue.

SHORT FICTION:  We accept submissions of previously unpublished fiction between 1,000 and 3,000 words. The shorter the better. Tell the story as quickly and as fully as possible. Submit here.

SHORT ESSAYS:  Please submit nonfiction between 1,000 and 3,000 words. We’re looking for sharp critical or creative nonfiction essays. They can take the “memoir” form and relate a compelling personal experience. They can be a short piece of critical writing about Midwestern literature, arts or culture. As long as it’s captivating, brisk and has something to do with the region, we’ll consider it. Submit here. 

POETRY:  Please submit as many as three poems. Submit here. 

10-MINUTE PLAYS:  We accept short, 10-minute plays or excerpts from larger pieces no more than 10 pages or so. The short pieces should be no more than about 2,000 words. Submit here.

NARRATIVE MAP PROJECT: Please submit a nonfiction literary sketch under 1,000 words. The sketch, an old form we’re trying to revitalize specifically because it deals so closely with place, should feature a person, place or object that reveals something about the character of the Great Lakes region. Sketches should in some way be about your state, hometown, neighborhood or the place you love visiting the most in the Great Lakes. They can also feature a character or object from that place that helps define it. The goal is to populate our Narrative Map with sketches from all over. Submit here.