Chicago in Black and White

Floral display at Drake Hotel in Chicago photographed in Black and White.

I’m not from Chicago, but a regular visitor to the area. There’s always something to photograph in the city. I prefer black and white because it focuses attention on the details.

Jay Waters

Jay Waters is a native Alabamian currently in the middle of his third career: teaching full-time in the Advertising and PR Department at the University of Alabama.

Jay's artistic focus is on mobile phone photography of the images, scenes, and stories that naturally appear during one's day, whether at home or traveling. This reflects Jay's artistic influences, drawn from various fields: Edward Hopper, Randy Newman, Flannery O'Connor, Walker Evans, Ansel Adams, and Alfred Bierstadt.

Jay's approach to mobile photography is about serendipity – to be alert at the appearance of something interesting. and to try to do the best job possible framing and capturing that interesting moment with his phone.  Landscape-oriented black and white photos are his preferred format.  Very minimal processing with Photoshop or other software is used.  The idea is to try to let the moment be the image.

Jay's photos have appeared in many online and print journals, including The Lincoln Review, The Arkansas Review, The Wondrous Real, Straight Forward Poetry, The Broken City, and Reunion, The Dallas Review. More on Jay's website.