Great Lakes Poetry Contest update

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for your interest in our first Poetry Contest! With 105 entries we were delighted with the participation, the quality of the writing, and with entry fees raised just more than broke even to cover our prize money.

Form letters have gone out to let entrants know if their work is not going to the next round of judging. If this applies to you, we wish you the best of luck finding homes for your poems elsewhere.

23 poets works have been selected to go to our contest judge, poet and translator Robert Archambeau.

I’d like to thank our team of poetry readers, Great Lakes Review editors Ellen Jaffe, Elisa Karbin and Michael Salinger, and a great big thank you to editor David Bowen for spearheading this project.

We’re talking now about whether this will be an annual effort, or maybe every year we’ll do a contest alternating poetry and fiction.

Meredith Counts

Managing Editor