Open, Fawn at Dawn, The Mirror

a black and white picture of a field with a tree line in the background and a blooming cloud in the sky
a black and white photo of a deer in a field
fawn at dawn



a black and white photo of trees reflected in a still body of water
the mirror


The Great Lakes, a place well known, yet so undiscovered. My photography in The Great Lakes focuses on the surrounding counties near my home, primarily Medina & Summit in Ohio. I’ve always been amazed by the balance found in nature in these areas. Open was taken in The Cuyahoga Valley National Park in an area previously known as The Coliseum at Richfield, 1974-1994, where so many historical sports games and concerts once took place. Now all that remains is a vast field that catches the clouds and sunsets effortlessly. Fawn at Dawn was also taken in Summit County on a country road where time appeared to stand still. My drive to work came to a halt to obtain the stillness I was fortunate enough to capture. The fawn remained unmoved for what felt like minutes. The Mirror was taken at The Metroparks in Hinckley, Ohio. Though I frequent the paths, this day, the reflection was different. I hope that when someone views my work, they feel engulfed by nature, possibility, and peace. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to share my images.

Miki Simic

Miki Simic is a first generation American who resides in Hinckley, Ohio with her husband and two children. Although she works as a nurse during the day, her passion resides in all sorts of endeavors which include photography, sewing, and writing, something she aspires to be known for in the future. She enjoys spending any free time observing the elements, finding inspiration in the patterns nature provides and allowing it to guide projects alike. Her photography is soft and flowing, providing the viewer with a sense of calm and peace. You can view more of Miki's work on her website.