Passing einen Eingang Under Construction, You Encounter Evidence of the Divine

           das Lichtspektrum
thrums in the locked foyer as though underwater. It’s soft
           and yet crinkle 

like a snake breathing. There must be something

            holy crowning
this bridge of light to brim it to life.

this is how miterleben bleeds into the world: through the eye.

            You are transfixed
by the enormity of its regard, cast like a statue 
            in molten gauze. 

Currents are swirling and cooling into place.

            Your new surface
a circle of salt, a scrum of ants, a halo of eggshells

Nothing is happening and will continue to happen. 

            The lesser
being watched, the lesser being seen, die Göttlichkeit
            a chasm of light 

you echo through. Ecstasy may always be abandoned. 

linger as long as you do, intransigent
            with briefness. 

Träume sind keine Schäume.

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash.

Ryan Dzelzkalns

Ryan Dzelzkalns has poems appearing with Catapult, DIAGRAM, The Offing, The Shanghai Literary Review, Tin House, and others. He received an MFA from New York University and was awarded the Wendy Parrish Poetry Prize. His writing has been translated into Latvian (the language of his grandparents) and has been anthologized in a handful of collections. He was a recent Fulbright scholar in Tokyo, where he still lives. Read more on his website.