Take Five with Sara Hailstone, the New Managing Editor at Great Lakes Review

  • Can you tell readers of GLR a little about yourself?

I am a writer. My poetry series, #Techglyphs was published with the indigenous issue of GLR. I am working on my debut novel with Running Wild & RIZE Press, set for publication in 2024. I am a high school teacher in English, History and Special Education. I have four children, two stepchildren and two younger children ages 4 and 3. I am from Madoc, Ontario Canada.

  • What are you most excited about in taking over GLR?

I am excited to get to know the team that Mitch has set up and I can’t wait to just relax and enjoy reading through pieces that are submitted to the journal. Helping support other artists is a passion of mine.

  • What do you believe should be the primary mission of a regional literary journal?

Creating connection amongst diverse voices and experiences in exploring how our identities are formed from geography.

  • What role, if any, do regional literary journals play in shaping a larger national literature?

I love that GLR can transgress national borders re-locating literature and art from an alternative checkpoint like the Great Lakes region.

  • GLR is a literary journal that periodically moves around the Great Lakes region as it shifts from one editor to another. It’s now moving from Cleveland, OH to Ontario, Canada. How might the journal grow or evolve under your leadership and from a Canadian locale?

From a Canadian locale I am excited to help give voice to our experience of the Great Lakes from a viewpoint that has not spoken yet, including indigenous experience and connecting with pre-existing networks I have made with Canadian Universities and communities with a consciousness of the Great Lakes region to the north.