The Cold Memory of Lake Erie

Image depicts a tower on Lake Erie with ice surround it as well as climbing up the side of it.

The image depicts chunks of ice on the shore of Lake Erie, caused by the waves.

Image depicts Lake Erie where the snow and ice meet the water.

The photograph was captured along the lakeshore of Lake Erie, where freezing winds and heavy snow are common during the winter season. Throughout the colder months, vast stretches of unmelted ice accompany us, creating a striking winter landscape. This image aims to showcase the serene yet formidable winter ambiance of this great lake.

Ying Zhao

Ying Zhao is a writer and photographer. Her photography series "Silence" has been exhibited at the Belt and Road Traditional Art Exhibition. Her work can be found in the Upper Mississippi Harvest Literary and Arts Journal, the Santa Clara Review, and the Salmon Creek Journal. She is currently writing a collection of mystery short stories.