The summer/fall issue of the Great Lakes Review now for sale!



Buy the current issues here now for $10 via PayPal or credit card. The fall/winter 2015 issues includes poetry, fiction and drama from Michael Zadoorian, Ron Riekki, Dianne Borsenik, Craig Cotter, Michael Steinberg, Devin Murphy, Grace Epstein, Daniel Perry, Emily Kathryn Utter, Chris Pannell, Eugene Ostashevsky, Robert James Russell, Donald G. Evans & Carolyn Saper, Zachary Lee, Brigit Kelly Young, Michael Dunwoody, Dylan Weir, Terence Huber, Kathe Gray, Mary Hawley, Amorak Huey, Lynn Pattison, Mark Ramirez and Janeen Pergrin Rastall.

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