We’re opening submissions back up — with a twist.

In 2017, we are moving toward a more digitally-focused publishing model. That means shorter pieces that move at a brisker pace for our wired world. That doesn’t mean we are abandoning print altogether, however. At the end of 2017, we will compile a “best-of” issue to come out in early 2018. The issue will feature pieces that will originally appear on our website.

It’s important to note that not all of the pieces accepted for our website will be included in the print issue.

What stays the same is our commitment to the Great Lakes region. We still seek the best fiction, poetry, nonfiction and short drama from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, New York and Ontario.

Our popular Narrative Map project will continue in 2017, as well, with a slight caveat, however: submissions for the general project will be closed from January to March while we take in pieces for the college student writing contest we’re hosting in Michigan. Pieces already submitted to the general project prior to January 2017 will still be considered and will receive a response in due time.

Check our Submissions page for more details. 

Check our College Student Writing Contest page for more details.